Passed the FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Operator Test

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Thursday, August 5th, 2021
Categories: FAA

I’m happy to report I passed the FAA Part 107 test for commercial drone pilots, Unmanned Aircraft General – Small (UAG). I scored a 90% but I know I missed a dumb question or two. I can now utilize my incredible drone flying, photography and video skills to make some money safely and legally.


Comments on the FAA 107 Test

Below are the general categories I missed questions in. I missed 6. I kind of remember some of them. I can’t believe I missed something on a METAR but I did.

  • Applicability of 14 CFR part 107 to small unmanned aircraft operations.
  • Definitions used in 14 CFR part 107.
  • Prior authorization required for operation in certain airspace.
  • Special-use airspace, such as prohibited, restricted, warning areas, military operation areas, alert areas, and controlled firing areas.
  • Aviation routine weather reports (METAR).
  • Balance, stability, and center of gravity
  • Importance and use of performance data to calculate the effect on the aircraft’s performance of an sUAS.

One question asked if you can fly in prohibited or restricted areas. Everything I saw online said you can’t fly in prohibited (i.e. Camp David). I believe you can fly in restricted. But it said the restricted needed permission from the org that operates the restricted area, not ATC. It was a confusing question. Maybe you can fly over prohibited with permission. I’ll have to look that up.

The prior authorization required question may have been just a mistake on overlapping airspace on the sectional charts. I do remember one that I had to look at for a bit. The scenario was inspecting railroad tracks that started in G airspace and went through I believe E airspace, and back to G.  I said yes on needing ATC permission, but perhaps that was wrong.

The balance, stability, gravity question was on that asked about the turbulence behind a climbing airplane and what angle or length that turbulence is.  (I guess I won’t be trying to fly in the turbulence of an airplane anytime soon).

The balance/stability question may have been regarding the stall speed of an airplane which is overloaded.

“Performance data to calculate the effect on the aircraft’s performance”…. I don’t remember. If it comes back to me I’ll edit this.

Final Thoughts

I’m satisfied with a 90% but mad I didn’t get closer to a 95% because I know a question or two were probably just dumb on my part.

That said, I’m happy to now be able to take some commercial drone piloting gigs here in Utah, for money!

There are many different categories and styles I can cover with my various flying skills and 25 different drones. I can do anything from real estate to sports action.  Below is a short list for SEO and reader purposes:

  • Utah drone pilot
  • Utah commercial drone pilot
  • Utah real estate drone photography
  • Utah sports action drone video
  • Utah aerial photography

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