Maiden Ambient Flight

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Categories: Random


All I need is another website to manage and create content for…

I’ve been wanting to log some notes, findings and fun things with regards to photography, video, aerial photography/video, computers, web design, mobile devices, nature, music, art, Photoshop, audio, gear, drones, hobbies…  you name it.

After a little thought I decided to create a new website to chronicle some of my  experiences in the above worlds and more.  I may talk gear, photography, PHP programming… who knows.  This site will be a big note pad for me to log and capture photos, videos and experiences which I find interesting.

Ambient Flight

I tried to find a website name that was catchy, which could also be broad and artistic enough to cover these many things I may write about.  When searching through some photography terms I came across “ambient light.”  I’ve been an audio professional and musician most of my adult life so the word ambient means quite a bit.  Ambience in audio engineering/music relates to a space and how sound reflects in it.  Ambience in  photography/video is similar, but related to light and not sound.  Since I’m diving into aerial photography, the word “flight” worked, but could also mean a journey.

Asleep yet? The short version: Here I will log my endeavors in artistic areas and activities which I dig.  You dig?

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