Commentary: GoPro’s Sneak Preview Drone Footage

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Thursday, October 29th, 2015
Categories: Aerial ImageryDrones For GoodEquipmentGoProNews

I just read this Wired Magazine post and saw this new video release by GoPro (below). It is a sneak preview of footage shot by the new GoPro drone which is slated for release in 2016. The Wired writer says “What’s amazing is the perfect, almost dolly-like stability of the shots of an idyllic farm and a journey through the forest.” See for yourself:

I agree the footage is smooth but take a close look at the video. Watch the leaves in the trees. Watch the dust stirred up by the ATV rider. None of the shots were captured during any wind. Any at all. Like not even a breeze caused by a flea sneezing.

Just about any currently available drone with basic GPS or altitude stabilization could capture video as smooth in the same conditions, and they already are. Before I wet my pants with excitement over the new GoPro drone (need a waterproof case if so), I’ll have to see it in action in varying conditions. I’ll also be curious to see flight times, features, FPV (first person view), the size of the unit, and all sorts of other features in which GoPro has a chance to show its innovation.

I’ll also expect to see a GoPro-like price point.

Then I’ll be excited.

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