Horrifying Example of Drone Paranoia

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
Categories: Drones For GoodNewsRandom

This is similar to some situations I’ve had on my own.  People who are completely paranoid about drones exaggerate and extrapolate these incredibly insane scenarios where the drone flyer who is doing nothing wrong is accused of all sorts of wrong doing and dangerous behavior.  In the video below a small racing drone crashed 100+ feet away from a lady who then told the police it hit within four feet of her.  This is what we are up against.

The great thing is that most of us drone flyers are honest folks and when some freak like this makes up stories they are exposed. This is especially funny when the technology assists in proving that the paranoid person is lying.

I’m fighting with this right now. My last two major flights have had episodes similar, where an irate bystander who was nowhere near the flight path got in my face about privacy and safety and such.

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