We Have Light

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014
Categories: Build LogMultirotor Aircraft

Made some good progress on the big bird this holiday weekend:

  • Mounted the primary GPS/compass, as well as the second GPS for telemetry.
  • Got the FrSky 8XR receiver mounted and its antennae placed.
  • I created a battery input and soldered that to the power distribution board.
  • Mounted a voltage regulator which converts the 22.2 volt power of the 6S battery down to a voltage the flight controller, receiver and accessories needs (5 volts).  The regulator had two battery inputs and I didn’t want to use the 2nd one.  So I simply cracked the case open and unsoldered the leads to the 2nd plug.  Saved a few grams there.
  • Mounted a voltage sensor which will keep tabs on the battery voltage.  That voltage number will be sent to my remote so I can watch the battery voltage.  With that much dough flying in the air, I don’t want the battery dying 1000 feet up.
We have lights...

We have lights…

Once some of the above were wired, it was time to hook up a battery and see if the whole thing burst into flames.  I plugged a 3S battery from my Phantom in and voila, the distribution board lit up and nothing exploded or melted.

Once the voltage regulator was set up, I powered her up again.  The flight controller’s LED lit up with some error lights as there is no remote control set yet.  All good.  That’s normal, and the controller is functioning.

These are all good things.

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